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Rental Decor Terms & Conditions


A deposit in the amount agreed upon (typically half) is required at the time of signing this agreement. Full payment on rentals less than $250 will be due upon booking.  Deposit is non-refundable 30 days or less prior to event date. Acceptable forms of payment are: cash, checks, venmo,  major credit cards. The deposit secures the event date and times for the client and is refundable no less than 30 days prior to event date

These requirements may differ for non-profits or charity events. If discounts of 50% or more are given, or order is $200 or less, full amount is due at time of booking.

There will be a refundable deposit up to $100 to cover any damages or replacements. This deposit will be refunded 24 hrs after the event or return of the rental items. If damage or replacement exceeds the $100 deposit the renter will be held responsible for the remaining balance. 



Full payment is due 30 days before the event. Services will not begin until the balance is paid in full. Ivy & Grace requires access to the venue at least 90 minutes before the event and 60 minutes after the event for setup and take down. 


Items are available for pick up 48 hours prior to event and must be returned 48 hours after event by appointment

If items are not returned within 48 hours an additional day’s rental will be charged. If items are not returned within three (3) days, replacement fees will be assessed on top of the rental fees, no refunds. 

Rentals must be picked-up in a secure vehicle and a credit card must be on file

Any items missing upon return are automatically deducted from the damage deposit for replacement or late fee (additional day).  Client is to inform us upon arrival is something is damaged or missing.  If the value exceeds the $100 damage deposit the rental will be billed for the remaining balance. 



No candles should be burned in or on any Ivy & Grace rentals without previous consent.

Renter assumes full responsibility of item upon possession and agrees to pay full replacement cost for lost or damaged items or unnecessary cleaning of product. 



Ivy & Grace does not issue refunds for inclement weather.  Should bad weather or wind become an issue, Ivy & Grace reserves the right to refuse or release such items and offer a substitution of in-stock items to help facilitate and indoor function.  The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event.  Please discuss “Plan B” with your coordinator.  It is our desire that your event go as smoothly as possible.  However, if you choose to chance the weather, the client assumes full responsibility for wind and weather damages.  If I&G arrives for a delivery and the weather is bad or impending, we will call you or a contact person to discuss options.  Please always provide an additional contact name and number should you be unavailable the day of your event.  



If you submit a check that is subsequently returned, you will be required to pay in cash or credit card only. A $50 fee is assessed on all returned checks. Late payments – refers to any payment not received 30 days prior to event date. Check payments are not accepted the week of the event 



All order/service changes must be placed in writing, faxed or emailed as to avoid any confusion. A detailed invoice will be submitted following any changes to your order by email or fax. Additional services require an appropriate deposit and will be charged to your credit card unless other terms are specified. Emails are considered legal and binding and do not require a signature to be valid. If changes are made the day of the event, a responsible party must sign for them upon delivery, pay with cash, or the credit card will be billed automatically.  Substitutions are allowed with a 14 day notice. 



Please be aware that once the contract is signed, and your event date scheduled, all other clients have been refused your specific rentals and services for your event date, and thus all payments are non-refundable. All services may be cancelled if received in writing no later than 30 days prior to the event. You would not be obligated to pay the balance of your invoice, unless you placed a special order for an out-of stock item which was purchased specifically for your event. In such cases, you would be contractually bound to pay the balance due on the account.  



By signing this agreement, you give Ivy & Grace permission to use the photos that we take at your event on our website and advertisements, materials, etc, with the understanding that you will not profit from them in any way. 



All items must be free of debris and liquids before returning. If the items are left in a full/dirty state, I&G will charge a fee of $25 per item. 

Customer agrees to the Rental Terms and Conditions. Final Selection/ Counts and cancellations must be received no later than the Friday two weeks prior to the event. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. 

We are honored to be helping you celebrate your special day. Thank you so much for choosing us!

Thanks for submitting!

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