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From the beginning of our journey in the Wedding Industry, we have been determined to give back to our community and share our gift with others.  We are lucky to be surrounded by other businesses owners with generous hearts that have agreed to team up to gift another Boutique Wedding to a deserving couple in the beautiful historic Lynchburg, TN. Last year's giveaway was so amazing that we want to serve another couple with a wedding valued at over $30k in 2022!!


The past two years have continued to be challenging to say the least. There is no one that has gone without hurdles, but certainly impacted each individual or family on different levels.  With that being said, we want to spread  joy and bringing hope by gifting a wedding to a deserving couple and making their day as special as we possibly can.


We are looking for a couple with an inspiring story of strength and dedication to one another. 

A couple who has endured struggles, but has persevered. It does not have to be Covid-19 related. The goal is to serve someone who deserves to be served. 


Here is what this very generous team is giving to an amazing couple:  A fully designed Boutique Wedding at Promise Manor for 50 guests! Our vendors will be taking care of the Planner, Venue, Invitations, Photographer, Videographer, Decor, Dresses & Tux,  Alterations, Hair and Makeup, Cake, Catering, DJ and many more special touches.  All you will be responsible for is travel, accommodations, and personal expenses... everything else, just let us make this the day of your dreams.  

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