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Meet Ivy & Grace

We gratefully welcome you to Ivy & Grace.   We provide clients and guests with magical and memorable experiences. We help create beautiful spaces with handpicked and thoughtfully crafted decor to rent.  We pride ourselves on taking a client's vision and bringing it to life with decor that is special and unique to their occasion. 

Ivy & Grace launched in August of 2019 with our adorable mobile photo booth full of southern charm. Her name is Steel Magnolia but those who love her call her "Maggie". She brings fun to any party adding personalized photo strips for guests and an extra splash of decor. 

In 1994 we met at Aviano HS in Italy where our fathers where stationed.  We were instant besties.  Our husbands were room mates at Aviano Air Base as their first assignments in the Army, meant to be right?!? After their military service we all ended up in Murfreesboro Tn where we both had our first borns.  After careers have taken us to different states and countries, 25 yrs later our family's bond has continued to grow.

Sarah has a successful home decor company, "A Little Bit Of This" where she has proven to be extremely talented in design and style. She is an entrepreneur with confidence in her abilities.  Joy has been successful in  Executive roles with Target for 18 years and just recently took a leap of faith to follow her heart.  She brings the business savvy mindset. 


What started out as 2 women daydreaming over a campfire and wine has turned into a business where we can be apart of other peoples dreams coming true. We are beyond thankful for, and excited to share Ivy & Grace with you.  

Sarah Dubler and Joy Yancey

  Well hello there, I'm Sarah, a creative girl who loves power tools as much as I love jewelry! I have been married to my handsome husband, Seth (Chief Engineer of the Dubler House), for 22 yrs. We have three crazy talented kiddos Madison 18, Aiden 16 and Raygan 14.  Our house is ruled by two yorkie princesses, Lulu and Nala.  My superhero is Jesus and I'm slightly obsessed with Chip and Jo Jo. 90's hip-hop is my fav and I am totally down for a fun night out on the town till like 9pm.

Ivy & Grace was born out of a love for creating unique and beautiful spaces. Fuelled by a passion for design we wanted to give an alternative to the traditional way of decorating for a wedding or event! Imagine hopping on to our website and simply choosing from our inventory of thoughtfully hand picked decor pieces that suit your style.  Rent those items which in turn makes you an eco friendly superstar, you get your oohhs and ahhs from your guests, and then return everything with no fuss. No worrying about what to do with everything or limiting your decor due to budget. When you rent for that special day you will be saving up to 50% of the cost to buy.  Look at you being so savvy! Have an idea of what you want but don't see if on the website? No problem, we can work with you to make your vision a reality!  I am so happy you stopped by and hope you fall in love with Ivy & Grace like we have. 



 I am Joy, I am child of God, wife of an amazing husband, and a proud momma of two fantastic boys. I have been a corporate world girl for 19 years and now I am taking a deep dive into a new adventure and lifestyle. They say you write your own story, this is my fairy tale. 

Growing up all over the world in a military family (but not a brat ;)), I have a love for people and the earth's beauty. I met my husband in Italy, actually in the drive thru at Burger King, and we fell in love at our best friend's wedding. I know, so sweet. We have grounded ourselves in Tennessee and this is where we have raised our sons, Mack 16 & Taylor 17. I have no idea why, but we also have 3 sweet and crazy dogs that keep our patience tested and we love them dearly.  Lets just say I am not allowed to visit animal shelters ever again.  

I am thrilled to be on this journey of making a business doing what I love with people I love. I have always had a passion for fashion and decor, and the opportunity to bring that to make others smile is breathtaking.  It is only by the grace of God that I am here today and I like to say he gave me a big slap in the face at 40.  The unwavering support of my husband gives me the confidence to follow my dreams and write the story I am proud of.  Friends that inspire me and make be better just by knowing them give me the energy to succeed.  Ivy & Grace is made out of Love, Passion, and Dreams.


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